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Effortless IT Solutions for Small Businesses by Habit Technology Group

Updated: Feb 15

The Spark That Ignited Habit Technology Group

The beginning of Habit Technology Group was sparked by frustration and a shared vision to simplify all things Tech.

Josh and James, the dynamic duo behind the company, armed with 30 years of IT experience, had witnessed first-hand the struggles of dealing with unnecessary complexities and bosses who left them scratching their heads. They are on a mission to make IT more effortless, more streamlined, and to cut through all the "BS". As a result, Habit Technology Group was born.

Computer with Code on the screen

Simplicity is Habits thing. We strive to make life easier for everyone, whether you're a tech enthusiast or someone who thinks "IT" stands for "Incomprehensible Troubles."

Meet the Minds Behind the Magic

At the helm of Habit Technology Group are Josh and James. Josh, our CEO, and James, our CTO, have a combined 30 years of IT experience. They both have a knack for end-user computing and are on a mission to simplify everyone's lives and jobs. With a ton of cloud and customer success experience, they both ensure that our teams deliver nothing less than awesome customer experiences.

The Habit Technology Group Difference for Small Businesses

What sets Habit Technology Group apart is our commitment to simplifying IT. We aim to solve issues before our clients even know they exist, with seamless IT solutions that make it feel like we're not even there. Transparency is our approach, with straightforward solutions that work for clients and their businesses, and no hidden agendas or complicated processes.

Our goal is to make IT look easy, simplifying the complex, streamlining the convoluted, and making tech work seamlessly for small businesses. We understand the frustrations of navigating the confusing world of IT and strive to be the guiding light that simplifies IT, one small business at a time.

Our focus is on making IT accessible and hassle-free for small businesses, delivering top-notch IT solutions.

But we don't just want to grow as a company. Our dream is to redirect that growth back into our communities, helping newcomers break into the IT field and building teams that want to learn and grow with us. Our mission is future-forward and community-driven.

If you're ready to embark on a journey of tech simplicity, reach out to Habit Technology Group today, and let's start simplifying your IT experience together. We've got your back, whether you're a tech novice or a seasoned pro. Let's make tech work for you, not the other way around.


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